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Beautiful! Just simply Beautiful in a way words cannot describe! This reminds me of the beauty that fall alone has to offer! You know w...

This is truly amazing! You have Literally captured the beautiful essence of a beautiful sunset over the lake or even ocean! I must admi...

This is where you will see my reviews for each artist where I try and give the best but fair Critique possible.


If you guys are reading this I have been officially taking a break from Manga for quite a long while. Why you ask? ( I doubt anyone will ask...)Well due to a different approach that I am working up to in possibly a couple months or so I am going to attempt to hand paint any manga I can think up especially for the book series that I am still working on.

Sadly I'm still in a complete and utter rut due to writer's block I will continue my chances of working on my paintings to say the least. Eventually I will go back to drawing them up but for now I am gonna give acrylic painting an honest shot. Requests are still closed as of this moment so please just bear with me since painting is indeed new to me since I am still trying to expand more of my horizons when it comes to art.


Time to reveal my newest piece but this time I will reveal the final version of it ( my touched up version that is).
Okay, I'm finally gonna work on painting some manga. That's right I said PAINT and I don't mean the paint program of any kind, I will be painting it all by hand! I am gonna attempt it in a couple months from now.
On March 22nd, I will be taking some time off from here (Since that day is my twenty-sixth birthday) who knows I might be on here with an updated drawing but for now I will try and get stuff together to work on a new painting I'm thinking about creating.
Seventeen more days until I turn twenty-six on the twenty-second (of this month) and for the first time ever I am between excited but I am also nervous.
Depression is an eternal torment that I face day in and day out.
Oh dear lord in heaven! Although I'm trying to get crap (And by crap I mean my literary work, personal life, etc.) balanced out!

I am sick of arrogant people who don't pay any fucking mind to the rule/conditions for the free manga art requests at all!

If one more person and I mean ONE MORE person ignores the rules/conditions one more time I WILL CLOSE DOWN THE REQUESTS!!!Rage :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: 
Due to the lagging issue that I'm suffering from on due to DAZ 3D, I am putting my 3D art on hold until I can replace my computer tower with an updated tower ( Minus the NVIDIA of course).
As professor Farnsworth from Futurama would say. "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!" You can indeed bet that I good news!

I am officially re-opening the free manga art requests that I have been doing recently.

However I have officially updated the rules/conditions regarding the requests but one thing I will say is that I do not want to be overwhelmed on requests.

I am still working on art that I do owe someone and finally giving a familiar piece I did some color at long last.

Now, back to the subject of the rules and conditions I have named what I will do when I work up the strength to do NSFW.

I wasn't joking about refusing to do the third category because I REALLY do feel uncomfortable about it!!

I will not tolerate ignorant requests or ignorant people that would even steal from me in anyway.

If I find my work stolen in anyway shape or form on here and anywhere I plead with you to notify me asap.
Papyrus is tired of your puns I only have half way to go with Chapter 3 "Into the fray" before I create Chapter 4 "The Nightmare begins" And I would be happy to share some info about chapter 3.

All you have to do is comment back and I'll explain everything.
Rewriting parts of Chapter 3: "Into the fray" for "Darkling Origins Saga: The Awakening"
FINALLY! At long last... "The Samantha Maxis" Manga request is complete! Now I can try and breathe just so I can focus on SilenceYourFears' Request. That's right Noir I'll get started as soon I can.
Commissions are now open! I have three sets all ready so please spread the word would you please?
Working on a 3d reference of Raizu from Darkling Origins Saga. I will post up the original. I'll still Draw and I will never give it up.
R.I.P Carrie Fisher. You were heck of an actress (when it comes to Star wars) but now you are one with the force. May you rest amongst the stars that shimmer in the night when everything seems dark. God Bless youSad Angel Sad dummy Sad Drunk Sad Drunk Sad Drunk Sad Drunk Sad dummy Sad dummy Sad Angel Sad Angel Sad Angel 
I'm still learning how to use DAZ 3D art studio. Yeah that's right I'm trying something different for a change but I will still draw manga so don't worry lol.
Since I published my first ever Acrylic panting that took me days to paint by hand I've been getting good compliments from SOME people lol.

It's quite a miracle that I'm getting great feed back for my first ever physical painting! However, I may actually start letting out my literary work but I have something to say or at least advise.

Somewhere down the line I will be publishing my literary work that FrozenCherryBlossoms and I have been working together on.

If my literary work gets stolen or plagiarized by ANYONE, there will be consequences! 

Teaser and Blurb are coming soon...
WOW! Just minutes ago after placing in my new piece, "BAM!" I got a fave before the damn thing became official!

Talk about a miracle!


TheRealGoldFox22's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
"Well, I maybe a saint but I can be a sinner."

Real Name: Joseph Parsons

Relationship status: Taken by FrozenCherryBlossoms

Orientation: Straight

Okay! You should already know what my name is by now however, I do apologize to those at "" for not being on as of late because things have crazy as of late due to personal things. I am just a normal artist who just does what he loves the most (To draw and create life!).

Well, to be fair I am usually very quiet and somewhat distant but at least I try and get along with others especially if I suffer massive issues that I alone cannot shake off so easily. Now before I ever started to write my first ever book ( Which I am still doing just that.)
I started to dj for an online radio station but sadly the station was shut down back in 2012 but that is when I started to train myself to make my own music.

It was indeed the biggest thing that I have ever done as of late. The real thing I started to was of course a massive leap. "Twitch Broadcasting" Which is pretty damn insane as it sounds.

My real name does not have to be important to know just yet, but I am also on twitter and now I'm on working on "Darkling Origins Saga: The book series" including with the first ever Mystery/ Horror graphic novel ever which of course is a work in progress called.

"The Awakening" As of late, the book has started to grab the most attention from people that are indeed intrigued by my work as of late that I have been doing with the love of my life. Anyhow I really hope to hear what you think of the book!…

The very art you've always gazed upon through "" is the best example of what I've created over the years with the woman I love. She is my everything and my whole world and I know that I have said that a lot over the years but it's the honest truth.

You can catch me on twitter "shadow_Ph0eniX" :…


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